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Transparent Records Management

Maintaining Transparent Records Management from Cities Digital

Because Laserfiche keeps records management properties (record series, cutoff rules, retention schedule, disposition) separate from user-defined indexing schemas, applying records management doesn’t make your content management system any less efficient or cost-effective. To further insulate non-records managers from content classification issues and records management file plan complexities, Laserfiche has pioneered an approach called Transparent Records Management (TRM). TRM automates the classification of content, regardless of how it’s captured or where in its lifecycle it becomes a record, to eliminate the most costly component of a records management application. Additionally, Laserfiche provides the ability to create separate views of the repository for each business unit, providing access to content in the context of their business practices.

Not all records at a city are important or should be kept forever. An established Transparent Records Management (TRM) plan is made easier through the use of Laserfiche’s DoD 5015.2-certified Records Management Edition (RME). RME allows records managers to assign record series retention values for consistent disposition and destruction of records no longer having retention value. In addition the system allows for freeze functionality in the event of a lawsuit. But more importantly, once a document is destroyed it cannot be recovered. This is part of a process to eliminate recovery and eliminate liability. Records Management can even be automated into something called Transparent Records Management wherein documents find their appropriate retention period and autofile themselves. Learn more about Transparent Records Management by contacting us at Cities Digital. 

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